Picture of my Server in full Multi-user Action

The information on this page is terribly old. Some years ago, when I was still a student and I was a member of the InternetUsersAssociation Interlink, we got a webcam and I ... convinced my fellow students to make a picture of my computer, the computer I had then. Here's the original text as it appeared on the website:

First of all some information about the environment in which this is all running. The computer that is running this here game is my own property and I have situated this computer at my school, where they have Internet. I've done this through my favorite InternetUsersClub InterLink, who operate at my school, and are providing housing for my computer. However, when I graduate (next year) this computer is going to have to go. Anyone with a solution is welcome to mail it to me.

Here follow some information about what is running:

Machine specs:

  • PC Pentium 133
  • Silverline Bigtower (200W)
  • Motherboard ASUS P55T2P4
  • CPU Pentium cooler
  • SIMM 16MB 72-pins (4MBx32) EDO (2x)
  • Diskdrive 1,44Mb
  • HDD 3,2GB SCSI-2 Fireball
  • S3Virge 4 MB PCI
  • Monitor 14" Philips 104SLE
  • Windows Keyboard Mitsumi
  • Mouse Logitec Pilot - serial
  • NCR Fast SCSI-2 controller
  • Networkcard NE2000 Generic Prolan Combo PCI (2x)
  • Smart Back-UPS Pro 420 VA

This is now hopelessly outdated, but I never felt like upgrading the page. It is pure nostalgia to me.