You are presently in the room of lost souls. It is dark all around you, but you see transparent souls everywhere. You are yourself a soul. A sign is visible on the west-wall. You make an attempt to read it. After a while you figure it out. This is what it says:


Let me introduce myself. I am Karn. You probably haven't heard of me, but I am the diety of this place, and I am here to see that everything goes according to the rules that I have made.

You are just a spirit, a soul, a ghost, a what-ever-you-call-it. You have no substance whatsoever. You can't go about playing with no body! So here you can mould and form your own body, just the way you like it.

There are certain rules which you have to abide by if you want to be able to play without any problems:

  • leave this game every time you play it with the commando quit. If you don't, your session will continue without you.
  • do not start another session while you are still playing in one, that will result in an error
  • read the book in the cave
  • do not go to another link while you are playing, this will make it extremely hard to come back!
  • remember that this game is in the development stages yet, al lot of things won't work, but this game will keep getting better

That is about it. More detailed information can be found in the book mentioned. If you have entered everything, please hit the Submit button.

Karn, Ruler of Karchan, Keeper of the Key to the Room of Lost Souls