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Photobucket Issues

As some of you have noticed, some photobucket images are not working, especially banners and some rooms. This is because Photobucket is no longer hosting third party images.

I decided to write a blog post about it, as it is more lasting than a public board message.

What this means is, images from Photobucket will not work any longer. It also means that if I (or anyone else) have made you a banner, it may give you an image saying that I need to upgrade.

Please know that I am working on uploading all banners elsewhere. I ask for your patience as I do this. If I am slow, please feel free to send me a MUDmail or email requesting your banner links. I'm trying to go by who is most active first, but I fully intend to give everyone their banners back in a timely fashion. :)

Thanks for reading!


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